Mama, we're all full of lies
Mama, we're meant for the flies
And right now they're building a coffin your size 
18th-Jul-2017 10:33 pm - +1 adoptive mother
idlemother: (arraying_sloth03)
[There is one very distressed Sloth roaming the streets of Fake Central. None of this looked like anything she was used to, she didn't know where she was, where the others are, or how to figure either of those things out. She's looking around at the buildings and the people, more than just confused by the number of light haired people who don't seem to even notice her presence there.

Sure, the sign explained Fake Central, and it would have made sense to anyone that had Central as a point of reference to go on. The only thing she had was the confusion about winding up here, real or not... Central was not a location she was familiar with. It certainly wasn't part of the slums, which meant she didn't belong here.]
18th-Jul-2017 08:28 pm - The Bookstore Is Open Again
faithlost: (d)
[Anyone new to Fake Central may notice a small bookstore along their travels throughout the city. Those returning might recognize the store as the one that was hardly ever open typical hours - often closed in the middle of the day for lengthy lunch breaks, open late in the morning, or closed early in the evening.

New hours are posted on the door, and if anyone were to step inside they would be greeted with a female Ed Elric, donning large golden cat ears and a long tail. Also posted is a sign that reads simply: Apartment For Rent.

She figures if she's going to be back, she might as well make the best of it. Seeing that most places had been completely abandoned the first spot she checked was her old apartment and book store, easily settling right back into place. Ed will help anyone find a book, offer a lush chair to read on, or simply shelter from the summer heat. She's also quick to give anyone the run down about this place, should they ask or appear new and lost.]

This place, again... It shouldn't even be surprising, anymore.
17th-Jul-2017 04:04 am - GRAND REOPENING:
fmadressingmods: (Default)
The game is back for interested parties.

Please disregard all prior posts.
If your character was present previously, you may play them as freshly back or having never left.

Events will be posted occasionally, but feel free to post or tag around at your own leisure.

Check the mod journal for updated information/FAQ/Setting details.
This game is a multi-verse setting, feel free to invite friends or bring characters in from other worlds.
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